This is about as hard as writing a profile up on a dating site…which I don’t do.  It’s like shopping online for a man.  BINGO!  New blog post idea!

My name is Bre.  I am 38 years old with a college degree that’s gotten me no where.  I work in the fisheries business and it doesn’t pay shit.  But I get to spend a lot of work days on a boat so I suppose it’s not all that bad.  And I get a super flexible work schedule with three day weekends and I can wear flip flops everyday.  I have one kid, he’s 19 and has ZERO motivation and direction in life.  Yay me, I raised a millennial!  I also have 1 corgi named Spencer (I did have two but lost him in April 2017) and two cats, Luna and Iris.  Not married, no prospects and I am perfectly fine with that.  I have “friends” and YouTube to help me fix shit.  I’m good!

I am opinionated, mouthy and have no tolerance for crap.  I’ve been told by family members that they pray for me…whatever the hell that means?!  I speak my mind.  I say what the hell everyone else is thinking but somehow that’s not appropriate.  Whatevs.  This said, I am well-liked.  I am true and I am genuine and people appreciate that.  No one is ever left wondering “hmm, I wonder how Bre feels about that?”

I like puzzles.  Like a lot.  1000 pieces or more and always have a puzzle going…if I can keep my precious felines off of it.  I spend a lot of time out of doors and I see a personal trainer 3 times a week.  I like to write things and make people laugh.  So…here’s to my blog.  I hope you smile today!