New Era: Age of Entitlement

And selfishness/self-serving/world needs to revolve around me…they are all synonymous with each other really.  Technology has had a lot to do with this instant gratification idea of needing everything right this moment.  And I think, by proxy, this idea has stolen away patience and acceptance for things that just aren’t so and has created a selfish society.

This past week was the 4th of July.  A time for celebration…drinking, eating and fireworks.  A time to reflect on our Independence as a nation and our freedom to drink, eat and watch those fireworks.  For the last few years our city has had some bad luck with weather and has had to cancel many events, including the fireworks.  This year was no different.  As our annual 4th of July parade was lining up, the skies opened up and dumped BUCKETS so naturally, the VOLUNTEER group cancelled it.  And then the cancellation was announced on Facebook.  Holy shit, you might have thought lives were ruined by this cancellation (rant will come shortly).  More rain was in the forecast and it was very iffy if the fireworks were going to go off.  The city and the volunteer group decided to shoot the fireworks off about 20 minutes early to beat the next storm cell coming through…and again, announced this on Facebook.  The comments that came along with this time change were absolutely infuriating.  I chose to not blast these self-serving buffoons this year like I did last year.  What would be the point, you know?  So I will do it here…because it’s five days later and my ass is still chapped over it.

A large portion of the comments were people who were PISSED off that they were driving in from distances (like 15-20 miles away) and they would miss them.  Some were PISSED that they were only given 15 minutes notice.  Some were pissed that they actually shot the damn things off and should have waited for the rain date.  A few comments from people who planned their whole day around the fireworks and now it was ruined.  Some parents who were upset because their kids were upset they missed them.  And one lady actually requested they wait a few minutes to shoot the fireworks off because she was on her way.  <insert face palm emoji here>.

I will now address these comments one by one.  First of all, get a flippin life if you are PISSED that you missed one measly fireworks show (our shows suck).  Second, who the fuck told you to wait til the very last-minute to drive 15-20 miles to see 10 minutes worth of fireworks?!  And wait, let’s address the fact that BEFORE social media, what the hell would you have done?  You would have done the same idiotic move by coming at the last minute and missed the show but now you have Facebook to gripe on.

To those assholes who planned their whole day around the fireworks.  Did you though?  Did you really plan an entire day around a 9:30pm fireworks show?  Get the fuck outta here with that, ya clowns.  No you didn’t.  You just want to point fingers and place blame on the city and volunteers and how they personally assaulted you and your so-called plans.

Next, the upset children.  Oh no, not the children!  Instead of blaming the city and volunteers for ruining your children’s lives, maybe take this as an opportunity to teach your children that sometimes shit happens and things don’t always go as planned.  But no, we are going to continue to breed self-serving, selfish individuals who can’t accept no for an answer.  And I am sure by morning, those overly tired children (because most of those kids were up past their bedtime anyway) had forgotten about it.  People who use their kids as an excuse to complain or bitch because THEY felt put out cause me indigestion.

And lastly, the lady who requested that an entire city’s fireworks show wait because she was on her way….I just can’t.  I wanna live in her world.  Perhaps it was a joke, but should have never been suggested on a public government page because she looked ridiculous (and by the comments on her post, I am not the only one who thought this).  The fact that she even thought that makes her look ridiculous.  I really don’t need to say much more about this…you get it.

Moral: Think before you speak people.  Rationalize your thoughts before you react to a situation that’s less than ideal.  Take a step back and accept things aren’t perfect and that the lack of seeing one fireworks show isn’t going to kill you, make you lose your job, friends or family and you will be no worse for wear the next day.  There are bigger fish to fry in your life than a missed fireworks show and if there aren’t big fish…find a different pond to fish.



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